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We connect co-ops

that want to be promoted by other co-ops

with co-ops that want to promote other co-ops


We help co-ops promote each other, especially on their email newsletters. This tap into an underutilized advantage co-ops have in marketing:

Co-ops want to promote each other, shareholder firms don’t.

Almost all co-ops that we’ve asked have agreed to promote other coops in their newsletters. Had we asked capitalist firms if they would like to promote other capitalist firms in their email newsletters, they would have asked why the hell would they want to do that.

Coop Data Club channels this sense of solidarity and shared purpose into tangible competitive advantage co-ops have over other firms: access to free promotion in the email newsletters of other co-ops.


The club is based on a simple and straight-forward proposition

First, identify something that many co-ops are already doing a lot

In this case, many co-ops have an email newsletter and are sending a lot of emails

Then, identify how they could do it in a way that requires least additional effort, cost or risk to produce most value to the co-op ecosystem as a whole

In this case, co-ops could include promotions of other coops in the email newsletters they are sending anyway


Join the club to engage with other Co-op Data Club members and promote your co-op via their newsletters and other media channels. It’s free, takes less than a minute and there are no obligations.


Any individual can also join by signing up to a co-owned email newsletter we are building. Sign up now to receive news and offers, exclusively from co-ops. It’s free, takes a few seconds and we promise not to spam you.



Any co-op that wants to promote other co-ops or/and wants to be promoted by other co-ops can join the club and is added to our directory. It is like a “phonebook” consisting of co-ops to contact for help with email promotions. 

Redjar Coop

Redjar Coop  is a software developers coop. Created in 2015, Redjar has 40 members in different technologies to make your project bigger.


Greaterthan supports leaders and practitioners, companies and networks in creating, scaling and transitioning to new organisational forms, such as self-managing organizations, decentralized networks and practice-based communities.


LibreCode are a Brazilian cooperative founded in 2018 and specialized in the development and support of open source projects such as LibreSign, a free system for signing digital documents.


Resonate is building a new music economy based on fairness, transparency and cooperation. Their STREAM2OWN model splits the cost of a digital download into 9 plays, enabling artists to get paid per play, and fans to own music again.

Fair BnB

Fairbnb work to connect conscious travellers with fair hosts to promote stronger, more sustainable and equitable communities all around the world.

The Open Co-op

The Open Co-op was founded in 2004 with the purpose of building a world-wide community of individuals and organisations committed to the creation of a collaborative, sustainable economy. They organise conferences and run projects to help create decentralised collaboration at scale.

Members For Cooperation

Members For Cooperation is a global, democratically governed network of people that organise within co-ops   to increase cooperation between  co-ops.

Mutual Interest Media

Mutual Interest Media is a publication owned and governed by the readers and the writers which seeks to inform, create consensus, and revitalise democracy.

We Collective

We Collective is an open source, user owned, social network building collective intelligence based tools for communities.

Low Impact Org is a resource bank for living sustainably and re-skilling for career change providing information and links to books, magazines, articles, videos, courses, products & services.

Co-operative & Community Finance

Co-operative & Community Finance provide sympathetic loan finance to the co-operative and social enterprise sector to help people take control of their economic lives and create social benefit.

Doc Servizi

Doc Servizi is a self-management platform cooperative created by a group of musicians to find a solution to undeclared work, isolation and administrative burden typical of the entertainment field.

Studio Skein

Studio Skein is a 100% employee-owned architects practice, based in Plymouth. Our portfolio ranges from multi-unit housing developments, to high-impact small-scale community facilities.

NY Music Coop

NY Music Coop is the first worker cooperative of musicians in New York State. We’re a group of teachers working together to bring equitable lessons to our students and community.


CoLab was founded in 2010 as a worker-owned cooperative to solve global problems through cooperation and innovation. CoLab Cooperative’s international membership currently consists of ten invested member owners, eleven working members, and a community of dedicated collaborators.


MyCoolClass is an international teachers’ cooperative with our own online teaching platform. We connect the best teachers from around the world with the keenest learners in a fun, open, and culturally diverse space. What’s more, we give teachers the chance to own their workplace.

The Fifth Principle

The Fifth Principle is a coop dedicated to the education of coops – a platform where coops can share learning resources to achieve their own cooperative goals.

ration and innovation. 


Brave detects overdose so we can direct a timely response, connecting individuals in need with the people and communities that care about them, and saving lives. Our tools are a combination of technology and people and process, and have been co-designed with people with lived and living experience of drug use, overdose and overdose response.

The Hen House

The Hen House is working to close the gender investment gap by: Telling new stories to close the gender investment gap
Supporting people, power and systems to divest from patriarchy and collaborating and partnering for equity and justice.

Chapel Street Studios

Chapel Street Studio is a co-operative agency of creative freelancers and small businesses collaborating to provide expert services together.

Ogun State Cooperative Federation

Ogun State Cooperative Federation Limited is the umbrella body of all coops in Ogun state, Nigeria.


Fiqus is a software development cooperative from Argentina. We work horizontally to build software using state-of-the-art technologies. We are motivated by constant training and challenging projects with great social impact.


Sofi is a social & environmental software cooperative
specializing in creating apps, websites, and everything tech.


Agaric makes websites and applications that matter. We provide development services, training, and consulting to help define and meet your needs. A worker-owned cooperative, we build online tools that respect your freedom and increase your power to do good. Our trainings range from custom to group.

Data Commons Co-op

The Data Commons Co-op powers democratic flows of data within the cooperative and solidarity economy. We help our members gather, share, maintain, display and deploy data about the generative economy.

Round Sky Solutions

Round Sky Solutions is a worker owned coop that began out of the question: what does it take to get a healthy functional organization? Round Sky offers democratic leadership and management trainings (online) to support facilitators and teams to more effectively collaborate and share power together.


WORCS – Worker Ownership Resources and Cooperative Services – is a non profit based in the LA Basin which develops worker cooperatives and  sociocratic governance.

Open Web Services

Open Web Systems provides secure, open source email & personal Nextcloud Hub accounts from just £4/month


Revolver is a multi-stakeholder co-operative specialising in International Fairtrade Commodities.

Bunker Housing Co-op

Bunker Housing Co-operative is helping tackle the housing crisis in Brighton & Hove by self- building sustainable, high quality, affordable rental homes for low-income people.


Signalise is a multi-stakeholder platform co-op and member groups are Deaf users, communication professionals for Deaf people and investors. They are currently piloting a booking platform and video interpreting app with contract partners in the North West of the UK.

Big Duck

Big Duck is a worker-owned cooperative that has been developing nonprofit brands, campaigns, & teams for decades. We are a values-driven business that is actively working to center diversity, equity, inclusion, & antiracism in how we work together as a team, with our clients, & among our partners.

In Situ

In Situ publish books on worker co-ops in Spanish, English, and Portuguese in the form of a daily newsletter. Their first book is BAUEN: The Workers’ Hotel. Their second book, beginning in October, will be The Cooperative Man: Arizmendiarrieta’s Thought.


MC3 provide advice, support, training and development services for organisations implementing or using the open source CRM application CiviCRM.

Vulk Coop

Vulk Coop is a design, development, and dev-ops cooperative – teamwork is their creed. Partner with them and build the positive experience your users deserve. provide online meeting and conferencing tools, powered by renewable energy, running on cooperatively owned infrastructure.

Data activist coop

Datactivist is a co-op whose mission is to open data and make them used and useful. Operating at all steps of data opening and reuse, Datactivist works with both data producers and data re-users. The coops mission is to reduce information asymmetries, and allow everyone to seize data, without naivety, but without pessimism.